Thursday, January 10, 2013

Resolution: To Make No More Resolutions

Hey peeps! Princesses. Fellow horsemen. Trolls. Whatever creature that still travels this path. A post! Isn't that a collector's item.

Cold storage for months made this page's admin gone mad. Hahar.

Question of the day: why are Penang gals the best?




 Euro-R... Never ages

Spotted: moving giant energy drink can

See how important grammar is?

Was on my way to work. Like seriously.

Bright days are few and far between...

Amidst gloomy days.

This is the life.

ohyake-recommended: thai-la@Capsquare, good food and great ambience.

 Thanks to those who celebrated my birthday with me. I love you people. You know who you are.

 Speaking of which, I was here on my birthday

 The Grand University of Jinbao, China

 Not just a visit for fun

But to collect something.

It's right behind those doors...

Still can't believe how I fluked my way through these four years. Haha. End of a chapter.

Damn, what did they have in mind?

Meet the star of NFS Most Wanted's live action trailer

The wonders of an old bike stuck to a wall

A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Now the question is who will fit in this frame. Peace out y'all.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flashes Of Amber

Went to sign my contract one day. Didn't take long. Dropped by school to have lunch with lab buddies. Still early. Very hot. Need to escape the heat.

 You got better idea? Besides, I'm just granting White Horse his wish... I promise him very long already.

Gohtong Jaya via Karak Highway... Quite easily done =P

At the Skyway... Not that we're planning to ride it anyways

See, buddy? Real horses!

Yeah... This is what we call fresh air

Know where this is?

I know you want park at the "H" there right...

Let's get going... Up we go

The Pagoda hairpin took too much out of you? Haha

Almost there... (by the way don't try this at home kids, always keep both hands on the handles)

What the fog! Tetiba je... Let's just sit around a little while, to be safe

You know why they built this "car park" right? And why it's always empty?

"And though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for Thou art with me..."

Daym, where's the exit again? We're going in circles here

And that should be the last corner ahead...

Booyah... Open, you castle gates

Why walk inside when it's like this outside

The only thing kurang is... Kaki =|

Nah, nobody is that lame

Anyways... Enough with the usual sights already... Let's go somewhere more erm, less commercialized?

Like this? (White Horse grinning already)

Abandoned buildings + lonely snaky roads = our thing

I have you, you have me... Nothing to fear

Anybody home??

Ah, yes... The game "Silent Hill" comes to mind

Quietly, buddy, quietly... Shhh

Let's not wake anybody up shall we...

And here comes the fog again... Two quick takes and we're out of here, kay?

#take 1

#take 2

Okay this is getting a bit too much... Let's pack up and scram!

Speed, speed but don't lose your footing please

Phew. That was interesting. Brakes good? Time to call it a day then

Only managed one shot on the way down... Went home via Batang Kali

And so White Horse leaves his tyre marks on three mountains... Only Camerons remain... That'll take some planning.